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Why should I meditate?

The general idea of meditation is to harness the ability to clear your mind of the everyday thoughts that constantly pester us, by utilising techniques designed to help focus our attention away from them. This in turn frees our psyche from inhibiting thoughts and allows space for the birth of new, more positive ones.

It was only after many months of practising meditation that I started to realise just what an effect it was having on my mental well being. I didn’t get into meditation with any specific expectations but found the immense peace that I was achieving enough to build up my mental strength and happiness. When your mind is in the right place, you can experience a profound sense of peace through meditating. How you cultivate and develop that peace is up to you but if you are using meditation as a way of gaining instantaneous results, then you are not in the right place for it. As mentioned in an earlier blog, the wisest piece of advice I was ever given when it comes to meditating, is to expect nothing (other than time to yourself).”

It is how you utilise your alone time through meditating that will develop you as a person. In my younger days, I was never a very grounded individual. I had no real direction and no particular sense of pride in myself but as I started to develop my inner psyche through meditation I noticed that my mindset slowly moved away from money, possessions and status.

By familiarising yourself with the techniques that I will be introducing you to through this blog, you will be able to empty your mind of constricting thoughts, you will gain the power to regulate the thoughts you are able to process and give yourself free rein over your life, through how you are thinking. So think positively, give it a go and watch your life transform.

I am not a doctor, so I am not going to tell you to do anything that contradicts what a professional has to say. When it comes to conditions such as depression, which is being diagnosed more and more in this day and age,  I cannot overrule any doctor’s prescription for drugs. What I will say, having read the research and from speaking to my own doctors, is that if your mind is currently fit and healthy and if you decide to seriously get into meditating and mindfulness, you are scientifically proven to be far less likely to be diagnosed with mental illness in the future.

According to neuroscientists, as you continue to meditate your brain will physically change. Meditating is therefore like exercising the muscle that is your brain. The more you do it, the stronger the muscle gets and the easier it becomes for it to perform, which is when the changes you didn’t expect to occur, will start to happen.”

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