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Become a better you

My only interest is to see you succeed in life, so however you start the course, when you decide to leave, you will be in a much better place than when we meet. 

The first session will be completely free of charge because we might not click and so I would much prefer our relationship to be one of trust rather than sales.

To book your complimentary session, please click on the below link which will give you a selection of dates to choose from. 

Enjoying Outdoor

It's not all about baking (although it can be integrated into a session, if you wish) but the routes to where I am now have given me the credentials to listen to, impart and coach individuals who have reached a sticking point within their lives that needs to be addressed.

I have undergone the relevant training in this area of life but to be perfectly honest, I would say that my life experiences far outweigh any qualifications needed to operate a successful coaching business. With that in mind, therefore, I would like to think that through everything I have encountered to be where I am now, there's a pretty good chance I can serve you to the best of my ability.

Life Coaching (ACT)

ACT stands for acceptance and commitment therapy, which derives from mindfulness, and is renowned for tackling a plethora of medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, OCD, addictions, and substance abuse, not to exclude the way it can transform your ability to process and manage your own thinking, which is where the majority of most mental health problems originate.


It helps you to develop psychological flexibility and is a form of behavioural therapy that combines mindfulness skills with the practice of self-acceptance. 

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Empower yourself

By the end of our time together you will be able to effectively manage your mental health by embracing your own thoughts and feelings without feeling any guilt or shame around them. 


You will learn how to behave more consistently with your own values and apply mindfulness and acceptance skills in response to uncontrollable experiences. Or to put it another way, you will have full control of a clear mind. 


Tim/the mindful baker is great, I was feeling really demotivated and in a bit of a slump with life/my business and Tim really helped me to get back on track. He taught me some great mindfulness techniques and helped me with meditation which I’ve never been great at. I’m now feeling much more positive and ready to take on 2023 with some fantastic new techniques to use. 

Tim is also a really lovely guy and I enjoyed our sessions immensely. I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone looking for some mindfulness sessions.

Becky Ramus 


Tim was a great teacher - he explained everything simply and easily whilst I learnt new techniques. 


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