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See what some of our past clients have to say about us

I found the mindful baking experience with Tim a game changer! The dough-making experience itself was very calming (and my first ever sourdough loaf tasted so nice when I baked it the next day!). The parallels Tim drew between baking and being mindful really resonated with me. The guided meditation was so helpful. I took away some mindfulness practice techniques that I've been using every day since, with a tangible positive impact on my anxiety and wellbeing. It's really made a difference. Thanks Tim, looking forward to coming back to try your pizza making course!

Owen Smith

An excellent experience, both for baking and mindfulness. Tim is kind, considerate, patient and very welcoming. I enjoyed every minute and would definitely encourage everyone to book a session. You will not be disappointed and will feel calmer and stronger when you leave ✨️

Brenda Hooper

Had a great 5 hours with Tim and a couple of other guests learning all about Mindfulness and how to bake a perfect sourdough (super tasty!)! The class is at Tims home which was cool as felt really personable and everything needed was provided. It was actually a great balance of chatting, learning to cook and understanding more about Mindfulness without being too intense and feel tim knows how to tailor this depending on how deep you want to go. Totally recommended- also baked my sourdough and it tastes amazing- thanks again Tim!!

Johnny Ferguson

Tim/the mindful baker is great, I was feeling really demotivated and in a bit of a slump with life/my business and Tim really helped me to get back on track. He taught me some great mindfulness techniques and helped me with meditation which I’ve never been great at. I’m now feeling much more positive and ready to take on 2023 with some fantastic new techniques to use. 

Tim is also a really lovely guy and I enjoyed our sessions immensely. I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone looking for some mindfulness sessions.

Becky Ramus

Tim is a great guy. Over the course of a few relaxing weeks he gave me some great tools to keep me on track when times get tricky. I still use them today! Would defo recommend!

Jon Enim

I was really struggling with a barrage of negative thoughts that wouldn't go away until I was finally given the tools to combat them after seeing help from Tim. He genuinely rocks and I would thoroughly implore anyone who needs to quieten their minds to get in touch with him.

James Widmore

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Tim. He has a great positive manner, I felt relaxed in his company. He encouraged me to think beyond, push the boundaries, to make a commitment to moving forward. I have since started making changes in my personal life and in my business.

Stephanie Wallis

Thanks to Tim, I have experienced a substantial amount of personal growth, gained so much more confidence in my abilities (and myself), and achieved milestones that once felt completely impossible. I absolutely and completely endorse him as a life coach to anyone seeking guidance, clarity, and transformation in their lives.

Robert Williams

Tim's genuine care and support extended beyond our scheduled sessions. He was always available for additional guidance and encouragement over whatsapp, and his unwavering belief in my potential served as a constant source of motivation. Thanks again Tim, you have genuinely made me a better me.

Lucy Fletcher

The sessions that I had with Tim helped me to understand my inner self, and granted me the ability to reach higher than ever before. Totally recommend

Alice King

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