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Mindful Baking

So this is the course that inspired the mindful baker, the very reason you are on this site and the very reason so many people have overcome a number of mental blocks that were preventing them from leading a calm and peaceful existence. 

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What you get

A lot of people hate the idea of needing to see a professional therapist to just talk things through, which is where the mindful baker is at hand. You will be taught the fundamentals of living a mindful existence from someone who has hit rock bottom and come out the other side. These mindfulness teachings won't be thrust at you, they will be eloquently and subtly integrated into the baking session, helping you to understand the principles far more concisely, and empowering you to move forwards with far fewer obstructions in the way. 

By the end of the class, you will walk away with a ready to bake loaf of sourdough in its very own proving basket along with detailed instructions for how to do it again and again. You will also receive a jar of Timmy's infamous 'starter', your very own dough scraper, your very own functional and fashionable apron and the essential life skills needed to quieten a frantic mind - eloquently demonstrated to you via the medium of baking; so it's win/win all around. You will also be shown how to create a sourdough pizza base and then given the toppings to create your own for lunch, amongst the company of fellow mindful baking enthusiasts. 


Click on the below link to book a course for up to 6 students

If you would like me to present to an audience of up to 10 people, please follow the below link for more info. 

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