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Hello, I'm Tim

It has been a long and arduous journey from the starting point of the mindful baker which glimmered its head slightly when I skied off a mountain cliff back in 2007, completely altering my previously planned life route.


Months and years of rehabilitation saw me reaching my lowest ever points before finally having to decide whether to let it cripple me or to rise above it. I chose to rise above it and the rest is history.


Once I had plotted my path to a new goal, I utilised a selection of the methods that helped me to over-power the previously damned situation I had found myself in, and set about creating a business with the sole purpose of helping to combat other people’s mental health difficulties.


Over the following few years and after engaging myself in numerous courses of life coaching, mindfulness, meditation and business strategising, The Mindful Baker was born. 

As part of my mission, I now help clients to:


Manage their mental health effectively, tackling conditions like anxiety and depression before reaching a point where medication is required.


Embrace their thoughts and feelings rather than fight them or feel guilty about them


Behave more consistently with their own values and apply mindfulness and acceptance skills in response to uncontrollable experiences

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