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Hello, I'm Tim

The journey of The Mindful Baker began with a pivotal moment when I found myself skiing off a mountain cliff in 2007, altering the course of my life forever.

Through months and years of rehabilitation, I faced my lowest points, ultimately confronted with a choice: let adversity cripple me or rise above it. I chose resilience, and that decision shaped my path.

Armed with the techniques that helped me overcome my own challenges, I embarked on a mission to support families in their journey towards mindfulness and connection.

After immersing myself in life coaching, mindfulness practices, meditation, and strategic business planning, The Mindful Baker emerged.

Now, as part of our mission, I assist families in:

  • Cultivating meaningful connections through shared experiences like pizza-making workshops, where children and parents bond while learning mindfulness techniques.

  • Providing a space for families to embrace mindfulness and mental well-being together, fostering understanding and support within the family unit.

  • Empowering parents and children to navigate life's challenges with resilience and compassion, integrating mindfulness practices into their daily lives for greater harmony and balance.

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