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Mindful Baking workshop

For up to an audience of 10 people (or an audience of up to 6 people at my workshop), I can come to a specified location, wherever it may be, and deliver the essential life skills required to quieten the chaos that inhabits the minds of so many individuals. This is a very hands on workshop that gives all clients the ability to fully connect with their inner selves. 

Giving a Presentation
Audience and Lecturer

Each workshop last 4 hours and has a maximum capacity of 10 people.

Work surfaces and washing facilities will be required although an oven is not essential. 

Clients will be taught how to make a loaf of sourdough bread which will be succinctly integrated with instructions and advice for how to lead a mindful life, lessening their chances of developing mental health conditions capable of increasing the number of sick days that they take and negatively effecting  the work that they deliver to your company.


Clients will then take home with them a proofing loaf of sourdough in its very own basket, a dough scraper, a jar of the mindful bakers infamous starter and a mindful baker's apron so they can keep themselves clean the next time that they create some kitchen magic. 

Please click on the link and fill out the form giving details of when, where and for how many people. Or call Tim on +447813717032 to discuss this further

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