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Kimchi Workshops: A Unique and powerful Way to Boost Your Staff’s Well-being

Do you want to help your staff cope with stress, anxiety, and burnout?


Do you want to enhance their teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills?


Do you want to provide them with a fun and rewarding activity that will make them happier and healthier?


If so, you might want to try our kimchi workshops.

Kimchi workshops are a great way to introduce your staff to the concept and practice of mindfulness.


Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware, and attentive to the moment. It can help your staff improve their mental health, as well as their performance and productivity at work.

Making kimchi is a perfect example of mindfulness in action. It involves carefully selecting, washing, cutting, salting, and seasoning the vegetables, as well as packing them into jars and waiting for them to ferment.


Each step requires attention, patience, and appreciation of the process.

In our kimchi workshops, we will teach your staff how to make their own kimchi from scratch, using simple ingredients and techniques. We will also explain how they can apply mindfulness to their daily work and life, and how it can benefit them in various ways.

Our workshops are one-hour long and can accommodate up to 25 participants.


We will come to your workplace or any other location of your choice and provide all the materials and equipment needed.


Your staff will leave our workshops with a jar of kimchi that they made themselves, alongside a new awareness and understanding of their own minds. 

To book a workshop or find out more, please click on the below link.


We look forward to sharing our passion for kimchi and mindfulness with you! 😊

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