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Stress relief through mindfulness

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

So you're stressed and you want some relief, which shouldn't be too hard an ask, should it? One of the most googled search terms around stress is 'how to get rid of stress?' So you would have thought there would be an easy and quick method to remedy this particular issue faced by, at one time or another, an estimated 88% of the working population. That's a pretty high number, isn't it?

First things first, what exactly is stress? Back in the days before uber, well, before electricity even, people still got stressed. It's your bodies way of trying to cope with situations that are out of your control. It might glimmer its head by causing a rift in your relationships but that's only the start. Fast forward a few years of not looking after yourself properly and then you might notice your blood pressure rising, culminating in both physical and mental disease.

It doesn't just happen to working adults, it can happen to anyone and the best way of getting it under control is to become fully aware of everything about you and your life. Your work, your family, your friends, your hobbies, your habits - everything will be effected by stress so everything needs to be observed. And that's the starting point of how to manage stress in your life.

There are no magic pills, although wouldn't life be much easier if there were? But there aren't, although many people do try to remedy themselves a temporary cure but focusing their minds on other distractions, ranging from drinking the pain away, casual drug use, gambling, shopping, gaming, masturbation, sex, you name it and if it has the power to unhealthily divert your mind away from the problems you're facing without actually standing up to them, then you will have fallen into the trap that ruins countless lives every single day.

So this mindfulness thing that is slowly starting to become a buzz word amongst the spiritual wonderers is actually the answer to all these problems. It's bloody simple to follow but that does not mean that it is easy. Oh no, it won't be easy for a lot of you. It will take a lot of dedication to the cause, and a lot of belief in yourself. Without either of those things you will never reach a place of sanctitude within yourself, but as soon as you start to cultivate the mindful seed within you, the problems in your life will very slowly start to dissipate.

SLOWLY is the word you have to get your head around here. This is not a quick fix because otherwise everyone would be doing it. Start the journey though and the process will follow along.

The most poignant piece of advice I was ever given about mindfulness at the start of my venture into this (not so woo-woo) world, was 'EXPECT NOTHING'. That's quite a hard concept to get your head around when you're looking for an answer or a cure or a frikin' bit of peace; to just expect nothing. WTF? How is any of this going to help me if I'm not even allowed to expect to get something from it. Mindfulness my arse, is definitely not that unusual a response but I'm just going to leave that thought in your head for the next few days before I come back with how this mindfulness thing that you can't expect to gain anything from has the power to change your life........

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