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Mindfulness is so simple when you know how

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We’ve all been let down at some point or another in our lives, be that through an individual’s failure to carry out a promised task or a situation turning out to be different from what was described; whatever the misrepresentation, we’ve subsequently lost our trust in the people involved. Trust is an imperative factor when it comes to welcoming someone or something new into our lives, so it is of utmost importance you can knowingly trust the principles, sources and ideas surrounding it, before committing your time and life to mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not something you can suddenly trust on the whim of my writings, especially as it is something that (I hope) is likely to become heavily entwined into your life. It is also not something you can expect to give you instantaneous results.

You might find that although you had a great meditation session yesterday, today’s session saw your mind wondering back to your first kiss, which had nothing to do with the present moment, and subsequently left you feeling unsure of the whole process. But, believe me, it happens to everyone and the sooner you learn to accept that it will keep on wandering, the sooner you can build up your trust and, although it seems illogical, the less it will wander.

You’re not always going to get instantaneous results with any aspect of mindfulness. Curiosity, observation and acceptance may not grant you the serenity to understand why your head is aching beyond all proportions today but, by trusting it won’t last forever and then carrying out a variety of meditations, including some quiet time to cultivate a love for yourself, the pain will slowly ease.

If you need proof to initiate trust, there is plenty of scientific evidence to put your mind at rest, so all you need to do is google it to find some reputable sources. If you need reassurance from mindful friends or colleagues to help you cultivate your trust, I can guarantee they will be more than happy to lend a hand. If you don’t know anyone, by all means contact me directly and I will happily talk things through with you. Give yourself and your new practice time. It won’t happen instantly but by just trusting your own experiences in the present moment, you will get there.

Alongside trust you also need to develop and mature your curious side. As briefly mentioned earlier, you can only learn to completely accept a situation, however good or bad it is, by cultivating a curiosity for whatever it is; and don’t just be curious of the situation, itself, be curious of everything. Be curious about mindfulness, be curious about this blog, be curious about The Mindful Baker, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings. Curiosity is the fastest way to learn about, befriend and accept whatever it is that is biding your time, instead of trying to cover up or forget about it. Be curious.

I’ve explained how mindfulness can help you to observe and tackle a variety of different problems we all encounter at certain points in our lives but the beauty of this practice is that looking after yourself makes you a kinder, more lovable person to be around. That’s the joy of it, you benefit and so does everyone you meet. It’s a never-ending cycle of positivity.

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