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Stress free 2023 (it even rhymes)

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Happy new year everybody. I do hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas and a splendid new year, and have arrived back to work with a new lease of life and a fresh outlook on how this new year is going to be for you. You're going to succeed with everything you try and never take a wrong turn. That New Years resolution you made to get fit and start a new gym membership is money well spent because, 100%, by the end of the year you will have lost that troublesome belly that has recently taken up an extra inch or 2 of your jeans and you'll finally get the body you've always dreamed of. It's going to be a fab year.

But wait, didn't you make the same resolution this time last year? Didn't you join the gym and yet only went 3 or 4 times before temporarily cancelling it for when it gets a bit warmer? and then eventually forgetting to cancel it completely until you'd wasted 6 months of your money and gained a few(!) extra pounds?

Believe me you are not alone, in fact, far from it. I think the numbers for new gym memberships at the start of each year compared to that at the end of the year are pretty staggeringly large. But it's not just gym membership, it's any number of resolutions made at the start of the year that give you the motivation to make this your best year ever; and yet why do so many people renege on their New Years resolutions?

I'll tell you why, and gyms are a fantastic metaphorical example for this, because results are not instantaneous. Everybody knows what they want to achieve, or do, or create, or win but they can only do any of those things by putting the work in and slogging away at it until whatever they want is within reach. So just like at the gym, say you want to lose 2 stones of fat from your belly, that's not going to happen by going for a run once a week and cutting out bacon from your breakfast. NO. The only way it will happen is if you completely change your diet and set about creating a fitness regime that puts you out of your comfort zone. But the majority of people are so used to thinking that they should be given things on a plate and that if it doesn't arrive tomorrow with their amazon order, then it's not worth thinking about.

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the fundamental of mindfulness, and the only way you can truly gain fulfilment from anything you do. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, it is very simple but simple does not mean easy.

In my next post I will be explaining how to not give up on whatever life goal or resolutions you may have, alongside how these same principles can diminish your stress levels.

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