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Empowering the Overwhelmed     1 hour intensive call

If you started your career with big dreams of what financial success would look like only to find the stress, late nights, lack of family contact and constant low morale is all you seem to be getting, then you’re in the right place. 


Please know you are not alone in how you are feeling. And with some simple steps I can empower you to take back control of your mind and life.

Reading To Your Dog

You're a busy person, I get that, but I promise you mindfulness can be simply integrated into your daily routine in a matter of minutes. Book just 1 hour with me and walk away with a new routine to bring balance to your life again. 


Just 1 hour with me and you will go from being overwhelmed to empowered.


By the end of our time together you will be able to effectively manage your mental health by embracing your own thoughts and feelings without feeling any guilt or shame around them. 


You will learn how to behave more consistently with your own values and apply mindfulness and acceptance skills in response to uncontrollable experiences. Or to put it another way, you will have full control of a clear mind.


Empowering the Overwhelmed will help you to understand yourself so that you can take control of both your professional and personal life. 

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Why seek help now?

Do you suffer from insomnia, are your energy levels low and is your drive non-existent? Do you find yourself detached from reality and plagued by negative thoughts resulting in anxiety and/or depression? 


Your mental health can directly affect the success of your career or business. So can you afford NOT to book with me? 


Can you afford NOT to look after your mental health? 


You could continue as you are but fast forward one year from now…. Do you really want to be stuck in a continuous loop of feeling okay one day, shit the next, even shitter the day after that, but then slightly better the next? All the while never topping your high points but always falling below your lowest?


Are you ready to take control of your mental health and flourish in both your professional and family life?


This isn't a done once process, the tips I will pass onto you will empower you for years to come. 


Right now you may be thinking that it will all get better on its own, that you’ve never needed help before, so why now? Your colleagues all seem fine so why should you seek extra help?


Let me tell you this, everybody suffers with their mental health in some way or another so don’t for a second think that you are alone. The fact they don’t tell you about it doesn’t mean it’s not an issue for them.

Lazy Sunday
Working from Home

What is included?

  • 15 minute onboarding call

  • 60 minute zoom coaching call

  • Step by step tailored mindfulness plan 


What is the investment?

I am currently offering a 50% discount for the whole of this month. For just £75 you will receive all the above. Can you afford not to take advantage?

Now’s your time, click below to book your initial 15 minute onboarding call with me where we will then discuss the direction of the 1 hour call and the date that works best for you.

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