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Sizzle and Slice: Magical pizza workshops. Empowering Kids, Enriching Parents. 


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At The Mindful Baker, we believe in the power of connection and growth.

Through hands-on workshops blending baking with mindfulness, we provide a unique opportunity for parents and children to bond while learning valuable life-enhancing techniques.


Join us to create memories, build skills, and nurture your family's well-being.

Mindful Moments: Our workshops go beyond baking. We guide parents and kids through mindfulness practices, helping them connect with themselves and each other.

Stressed Woman

Go from: Feeling stressed and not connecting with your children

Cooking Lesson

TO: An Empowered, confident and resilient parent nurturing of your child’s and your own mental well-being.

Blending the joy of mindful baking by fostering deeper bonds with your family, enhancing mental well-being, and creating lasting memories together.

Tim is an excellent host and guide for this experience. Will definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to learn mindfulness. 


Marvelous is how I would describe Tim Leach. From coaching and chatting to mindfulness and how to live from a space of service.

Sheri Pam Willers

Why me?

I have fallen off a cliff – literally and figuratively, and come out the other side a much stronger and more confident person than my previous self.


I have firsthand experience of how it feels when your mental health is not at its optimum, and why it’s imperative we all take back control.

The simplicity of how I got back on track was so groundbreaking that I broke away from my previous career path as a lawyer to further my study of mindfulness. I felt called to help as many people as possible learn how to implement mindfulness into their daily life.

I am an Author, Baker, Life Coach, Mindfulness instructor, Running enthusiast and intuitive entrepreneur.



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