Over the course of the pandemic that has ravaged the world, mental health has been impacted ferociously for a large proportion of us. There sadly are no quick fixes to these problems but by learning to observe, accept and allow yourself to 'just be', you will slowly learn how to manage the thoughts in your head that are currently controlling you.


A lot of people hate the idea of needing to see a therapist to just talk things through, which is where the mindful baker is at hand. You will be taught the fundamentals of living a mindful existence from someone who has hit rock bottom and come out the other side. These teachings won't be thrust at you, they will be eloquently and subtly integrated into the baking session, helping you to understand the principles far more concisely, and allowing you to move forwards with far fewer obstructions in the way.


Walk away with a ready to bake loaf of sourdough in its very own proving basket along with detailed instructions for how to do it again and again. You will also receive a jar of Timmy's infamous 'starter', your very own dough scraper, your very own functional and fashionable apron and the essential life skills needed to quieten a frantic mind - eloquently demonstrated to you via the medium of baking; so it's win/win all around. You will also be shown how to create a sourdough pizza base and then given the toppings to create your own for lunch, amongst the company of fellow mindful baking enthusiasts. + free access to a revolutionary pre-recorded 8 week mindfulness course.



For 5 whole hours and for only £79, learn how to create a loaf of sourdough whilst combating the ravishing effects of stress, anxiety and depression; all the while socialising and making friends with fellow mindful bakers.

A recent addition to the program gives you the opportunity to stretch and shape your very own sourdough pizza base and then cover it with a variety of toppings at hand before devouring it for lunch. 

If you want to share the day with friends or colleagues, find a day that suits everyone and book all 5 spots for a certified session of team bonding and mindful exploration whilst all becoming master sourdough bakers!


"Delicious home baked sourdough and jam for lunch with the marvellous Tim Leach Chatting coaching, mindfulness and how to live from a space of service #gratitude #compassion #yumminess"

Annabel Dickson,