Sourdough Pizza kit

orders must be placed by 3pm for next                       day collection

This is a pizza experience like no other. Not only do you get to decide exactly when to start cooking them, you also get to stretch and fold the bases and then decorate them with whatever you want (or get your children to do it, who will love it). 


The bases are made  from sourdough, which means that not only will they taste so much better than what you normally devour, they are also a considerably healthier option than any other shop bought pizza. Healthy, nutritious, entertaining and delicious. You'll be a fool not to get a kit.....

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The bases are fresh and made to order so they will take 24 hours to ferment. As such you will need to order them before 3pm the day before you want to pick them up. They can then be picked up after 3pm the following day. 

For the best way to shape and bake them, click here

All of the pizza bases are dairy free and vegan friendly, it's what you top them with that might change its status!

Gluten free bases are also available