Mindfulness based life coaching (MBLC)

Empower yourself

It's not all about baking (although it can be integrated into a session, if you wish) but the routes to where I am now have given me the credentials to listen to, impart and coach individuals who have reached a sticking point within their lives that needs to be addressed.

I have undergone the relevant training in this area of life but to be perfectly honest, I would say that my life experiences far outweigh any qualifications needed to operate a successful coaching business. With that in mind, therefore, I would like to think that through everything I have encountered to be where I am now, there's a pretty good chance I can serve you to the best of my ability.


Become a better YOU

My only interest is to see you succeed in life, so however you start the course, when you decide to leave, you will be in a much better place than when we meet. 

The first session will be completely free of charge because we might not click and so I would much prefer our relationship to be one of trust rather than sales.

To book your complimentary session, please click on the 'contact' box (below) and fill out the 'get in touch' form, indicating your availability and a little bit about yourself. I will then get back to you with some potential dates for the session, where we can also discuss pricing.